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About me

Your coach Linsay in a grainfield looking at you with a big smile.

I am Linsay Lusyne

A 33-year-old Belgian adventurer with a heart for exploration and a mission to empower the visually impaired community.

For seven years, I dedicated myself to training guide dogs and individuals with vision loss, igniting their independence and mobility. 

Two visually impaired people at a bus station. Both have a white cane and one has a black labrador guide dog. The bus is just arriving.
Your Coach Linsay with her partner. They are standing on a red truck, which is their house and travel vehicle. There is a view of a huge lake and mountains in the back

Since 2022, I am on a lifelong journey, traversing continents and currently driving from Canada to Argentina in a truck camper.


Travel is not about ticking destinations off a list. I believe in the transformative power of exploration, and I'm passionate about making travel accessible and life changing for those with vision loss.

You don't have to do this alone.

I understand the unique challenges faced by the visually impaired community.

My dream is to see you break free from your comfort zone, conquer your goals, and enhance your confidence.


Travel can be a catalyst for personal and professional growth, are you ready to take the first step?

Click the button below and  book your free discovery call. 

Your coach Linsay het Vision Loss Travel coach certificate, which is accredited by the ICF
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