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Support Group

What is group coaching?

Get ready to feel EMPOWERED. 

Together with your coach and your new peer group we will have 6 inspiring workshops.


In this period you will get the answers to the questions you may have, become more confident and ready to embark on a new adventure without limitations


* This unique Group coaching adventure starts soon:

Add your name to the waiting list to be the first to receive an invitation when we start. 

(no credit card or purchase obligation) 

What to expect: 

6 weeks

6 inspiring and powerful workshops on ZOOM

Max 8 ppl

Small groups, to keep it personal. Have the ability to share your story


Find your peer group, Share the space with people that understand your obstacles


All the tools you need to book your next trip


Learn from your coach and from each other.

Get ready to travel fearless

A girl in a cafe that is sipping from her coffee

On the fence?

I understand, making a decision like this is not easy. (Life changing decisions never are)

And it is important for you to get to know your coach in person, before making a commitment. 

So, I have a really cool FREE offer for you: 

Let's have a virtual-coffee-break (or any drink you enjoy) and be able to speak freely and without any judgement.

What do you say? Grab your favorite beverage and let's have a casual conversation.

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